South Yorkshire Solutions - Welfare Benefits (DSS/Social)
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Social Security Benefits (DWP)

We deal with all area's of welfare benefits (DSS, Social) problems. Here are just a few of the issues we address:

  • Which Benefits You Are Entitled To.
  • Help Completing Forms
  • Help Applying For Benefits.
  • Intervention For Benefits Disputes.
  • Problems with ESA/ATOS
  • Reviews, Appeals and Tribunals.
  • Attendance At Tribunals.
  • Advice On The New Benefits system.
  • DLA & PIP Applications And Problems.
  • Universal Credit
  • Benefit Fraud Investigations.

For benefits problems, we can usually deal with the issues in one appointment.

Owing to the financial difficulties that benefits claimants experience, we only charge a flat rate of £45 for this appointment.
Therefore, even if it takes 4 or 5 hours on that appointment; you will still only be charged £45. This is a flat rate fee.

It should be noted that Legal Aid is no longer available to challenge benefits decisions. The Government were kind enough to withdraw Legal Aid, in the same month they made all the changes to benefits! Therefore claimants now have a choice of waiting weeks to see someone at the citizens advice bureau, or attempting to do it themselves, with no knowledge of the new system.

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